Karen Village

Karen Village

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Summer Simplicity!

Summer is all about being simple and edgy!

Try these bold pieces with hidden details for your summer collections. Like small paintings to adorn your neck, these etched pieces will draw attention wherever they go.

[104040156] Thai Karen Silver 50mm Sunflower Toggle (1 Set)
This toggle features a beautiful etching of a sunflower against a leaf clasp. Definitely a unique way to finish off any piece.

[102100110] Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver 60mm Sunflower Soul Pendant (1 Pendant)

A big, bold pendant with an abstract flower design looks great with any color of beads. Go natural with greens and browns or Urban tribal with bright reds and black.

[104040159] Thai Karen Silver 29mm Simplicity Toggle (1 Set)

Clean and simple can also be stunning! This geometric toggle is slightly curved so that it makes the perfect complement to wrists and neck lines.

[104040158] Thai Karen Silver 29mm Octagon Toggle (1 Set)

The Octagon Toggle has neater repetitive patterns, it's smaller than most of the etched pieces and can add an exotic look to any piece.

[102100164] Thai Karen Silver 70mm Tribal Diamond Pendant (1 Piece)

This large pendant is for someone who really wants to make a statement. Because of the angles, it can really become a masculine piece, used as a buckle, or even a toggle (if you're feeling brave!)