Karen Village

Karen Village

Monday, March 02, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Items

Looking for a little luck this St. Patrick's Day? Shiana has you covered with our unique silver shamrock charms.

[202010037] Sterling Silver 48mm Four Leave Clover Key Pendant (1 Pendant)

Sentimental and historic, keys make wonderful pendants that seem to have a story of their own. This Sterling Silver Key from Shiana might not open any padlocks, but will definitely bring attention to the wearer.

[102120025] Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver 55mm Hammered Clover Leaf Pendant (1 Pendant)

For a bold statement, our 55mm Clover Leaf Pendants can't be missed. It comes in a variety of textured finishes, to see them all, search for the word 'clover' on our website.

[103990027] Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver 28mm Shamrock Wish Charms (2 Charms)

Made in the style of a traditional wish pendant, this whimsical piece shows the hand stamped details proudly. The charms comes in sets of 2 so that necklaces can be made for you and your special someone.