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Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Little About Spirit Locks

A Little About Spirit Locks

While we try to record all the information we find, some things do get lost. I found some old notes on spirit locks (at least four years old), which may be of better use if shared, this is unedited, and I think I’ve written a better version else where, but I will get to recording that later.

The spirit locks are strung with the loops on the top, not with an external loop or bar. They are in a traditional padlock shape to help keep the soul within the body. So, they are used to basically to “lock” the soul (which resides in a person’s head) in the body.

They are traditionally worn to the back of a person, similar to a clasp.

It is good luck to give new born babies spirit locks to protect them from evil spirits that might try to steal the child’s spirit away.

In ancient Thai culture, if a spirit becomes unhappy it will leave the body to go back to live in the forests. A person can loose their spirit when they are frightened or in times of great stress. Loosing your spirit does not actually mean dying, a person without his or her spirit will loose their Charisma, and they will be unable to focus.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Announcements about Checkout System

Happy Holidays, everyone!

We have a few announcements about the changes to our checkout system. Please notice the new features at the lower right hand side of our http://www.shiana.com checkout.

The Calculate Shipping & Handling link will open a popup window that will help you find the correct price for FedEx or Standard mail to your location anywhere in the world.

The new Paypal checkout feature forgoes the normal checkout steps and allows you to make instant payment without sharing sensative information.

Please also Note: Items purchased between December 23 - 31 will be shipped on January 3, if you wish for your items to make it to you before Christmas, please select the FedEx shipping option.

Warmest wishes!
-Angie T.-