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Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Little About Spirit Locks

A Little About Spirit Locks

While we try to record all the information we find, some things do get lost. I found some old notes on spirit locks (at least four years old), which may be of better use if shared, this is unedited, and I think I’ve written a better version else where, but I will get to recording that later.

The spirit locks are strung with the loops on the top, not with an external loop or bar. They are in a traditional padlock shape to help keep the soul within the body. So, they are used to basically to “lock” the soul (which resides in a person’s head) in the body.

They are traditionally worn to the back of a person, similar to a clasp.

It is good luck to give new born babies spirit locks to protect them from evil spirits that might try to steal the child’s spirit away.

In ancient Thai culture, if a spirit becomes unhappy it will leave the body to go back to live in the forests. A person can loose their spirit when they are frightened or in times of great stress. Loosing your spirit does not actually mean dying, a person without his or her spirit will loose their Charisma, and they will be unable to focus.


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