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Karen Village

Sunday, May 06, 2007

World Fair Trade Day is May 12th

Hi Everyone!
We know its been a while since our last posting. I just want to remind everyone that World Fair Trade day is on May 12th. You can get more information about it at the Fair Trade Resource Network. Those who are in the United States can find some events in their respective States.

In Celebration of World Fair Trade Day, we're having a special price on two of our new toggles:

[104040148] Thai Karen Silver 25mm Window Toggle (1 Set)
The window toggle is fit for all seasons and occasions, it is a combination soul pendant with a matching toggle bar (you can still use it as a pendant.) This is a very strong and versatile toggle. If you do not want to use it as a centerpiece, it will politely be tucked away at the back of a necklace or bracelet to accent your work.

[104040146] Thai Karen Silver 30mm Moon Fish Toggle (1 Set)
The Moon Fish toggle is a perfect summer accent piece, reminiscent of warm nights in the oceans where the full moon calls deep sea fish up to the surface. The small details on the fish are all created by hand stamps.

Use the code fairtradeday to get 20% off of the window toggle and the Moon Fish toggle when purchasing it on our website.

Coupon Code Details:
  • Place this coupon code into the "coupon code" form field during checkout. It is located under the order subtotal.
  • This code is valid until May 30th, 2007.
  • The coupon code is only used with purchases from http://www.shiana.com and not eBay auctions or buy-it-nows.
Have a wonderful May! :)

Angie Thien


lisa and mike said...

great update! thanks for the code.

keep up the good work!

Donna Clark said...

I am just loving the new hammered shapes.

Let me know when you gals decide to visit Wisconsin!

Marianna said...

I just found your website, and this blog. Thank you for supporting Thai silversmiths! I am wondering if Shiana is officially a Fair Trade organization?

May Voirrey said...

Angie and Pam,
I would love to know more about you and how you came to be in Thailand working with the Karen.

Many Burmese Karen are relocating to my city as refugees now that the Thai government is closing down the camps along the Thai-Burmese border. I have great affection for this group and would love to know more about how you got involved with the Thai Karen.

AngieThien said...

Hi Marianna! Shiana is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and Co-op America. We are working our way to become a fully certified fair trade organization.

May, it is always wonderful to hear from someone who is interested in The Karen. Pam and I are Thai, and our family has been working with this particular group of Karen villagers for a very long time. I'm afraid writing the entire history would need a lot more space than this comment box allows. (Maybe even a story for a new blog post?) Please feel free to contact us from our website or email address at anytime. :)

Warmest wishes!
Angie T.

Anonymous said...

Angie, tell her about the article in Lapidary magazine a couple of years ago. If you give her the date, (year & month) the volume and the number,
title of article, then she can probably have her closest university library order it for her.

It would be wonderful for her to learn what I have known since shopping at Shiana. Warmly, Susan T.
St. Remy